40+ Smart Small Garden Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

A garden shed is considered to be a smart investment as it offers various different uses as per your needs and requirements. These versatile small buildings can be used as a place to keep all your tools or as a private office. Wide varieties of sheds are available in the market with different sizes, colors, styles and designs. A garden shed should always be selected as per the size of the garden. A small shed will not go well with big sized gardens and similarly a big shed is not feasible for small gardens. If you have limited space then wide variety of small garden sheds are also available in the market. There are many factors which should be considered while selecting the shed for your garden.

The type of material used in the manufacturing of the shed is an important factor while making a selection. Wood, Vinyl and metal are the three main types of material which are used. Wood painted sheds are available in variety of colors which looks natural and can be selected as per your choice. Metal sheds provides more utility whereas vinyl sheds are easy to take care of.

Different styles of small garden sheds are also available which should be selected as per the location and the placement of various elements. Some of the styles include gambrel barn style, saltbox styles, gable styles and others.

In small garden sheds where space is limited it will be a good option to hang the items from the walls or the ceilings. You can place your long gardening tools like shovels, hoes and rakes on the wall and can hang the additional containers on the ceiling with the help of the hooks.

Small garden sheds should have shelves in them so that small area is available for doing the everyday maintenance of the garden like mixing compost in soil, re potting of plants and others. These shelves can also be used for keeping journals, books and magazines related to gardening. In order to keep your small sized shed organized it is a good idea to keep storage bins in it

40+ Easy And Colorful Container Garden Ideas

There are many advantages to container gardening such as lack of room or space for a full size garden, apartment living or just to decorate your patio area. Container gardening is also ideal if you have very poor soil in your garden, as growing plants in a container can be controlled and easy to tend. Here I have suggested some container gardening ideas that will add color and interest to any area.

Before you start your container garden there are a few tips that will help to ensure your plants grow healthily. Firstly, although almost any container can be used for container gardening, it must be a container that has sufficient drainage to allow surplus water to drain away from the roots of the plants. If there is not adequate drainage your plants will rot and die.

Choosing your container is only limited by your imagination. You may opt for a traditional wooden garden planter or large plastic garden pots. But you may choose something a little more unconventional such as a garden sink, an old stock pot, buckets or even an old toilet. It all depends on the look you want and how much of a talking point you want your container garden to become. Most garden supply stores and garden nurseries sell a variety of containers.

Secondly, using a good quality garden potting compost should be used as this will contain all the nutrients your plants will need. They may be in the container for some time, so a regular feed with garden fertilizer will also boost the nutrients. Slow release pellets are very useful for container gardening.

Thirdly, consider the location of your container garden. Although your plants will need sunlight to thrive, too much sun and they may burn. Some plants prefer a more direct sunlight, while others prefer a sheltered spot. If unsure always read the growing instructions or seek advice from a garden nursery or online web site.

Once having decided on your container, your next step is to decide what to plant. This will depend very much on the climate of where you live, the size of the container you have chosen and the height you want your display to be.

If you wish to make the most of your container for the whole year, consider planting bulbs for the spring and then refilling your container with summer plants. A container filled with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths will not only look beautiful, but smell fragrant too.

Other container gardening ideas for the Spring are bowls full of sweet perfumed Iris. They have beautifully formed blooms that range in color from yellows, blues, purples, deep reds and brown. Pansies and daisies are particularly good for an outdoor display of color at this time of year. These are also suited to a hanging container. A shallow container of crocuses can look stunning if tightly planted.

You may wish to have a color scheme for your container garden. Using gardening catalogues and garden magazines can often help you visualize how you want your container to look.

For a red hot look, sun loving nasturtiums make a long lasting easy to grow container garden display. Their vivid scarlet flowers combined with decorative foliage make nasturtiums a very popular choice. These can be planted along with other plants such as apricot verbena to compliment the reds.

Of course it may not be flowers you want to grow, herbs make ideal container gardening ideas. Having your own fresh herbs for your cooking is made very easy in a container. Containers for herbs are best if the herbs can be grown at several layers, but is not vital. To make your container herb garden, plant your herbs in Spring. If looked after well they could last for several years. Herbs such as parsley, sage, basil, chives and marjoram all make good container grown plants.

If you want a container garden that has some height, putting a garden obelisk or canes constructed as a wigwam into your container for plants to grow up can look quite stunning. Sweet peas will happily grow in a container and give you many sweet smelling flowers to cut. A clematis will also grow happily in a container. These come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and will last for many years. If using a container in this way, other plants can be planted around the base to give extra color, trailing plants such as petunias will give an all summer long display.

Care of your container garden is very important. Although container gardening is fairly simple your plants need to be cared for on a regular basis. Regular watering, especially in hot weather is essential. However, too much water can do as much damage to your plants as too little. Always check your plants need water with your fingertips before you water

35+ The Best Bathroom Floor Motif Ideas Ready To Amaze You

If you are in doubt about the kind of flooring you want for your bathroom, take a minute to glance through the current trends. Bathroom floors are usually done in ceramic or vinyl tiles. Some people use linoleum. If you have a good budget, you can go in for marble or granite flooring.

Some different bathroom floor tiles ideas include tiling your bathroom with tiles made of cork, bamboo or hardwood. Cork flooring gives your bathroom a different texture. They are easy to maintain and stays warm even in winter. If you choose to do the bathroom tile using cork, add some potted plants and use fixtures with a metal finish to give a cool and natural look.

If you like wooden floors, go in for hardwood floors. They look stylish and elegant when combined with accessories like potted plants, mirrors and bathroom rugs. However, they require extensive maintenance. Bamboo flooring is also a good idea. It is cheaper and requires less maintenance though it adds the same natural and cool look to the room.

Another one the good bathroom floor tiles ideas is to use pebbled tiles. They come in different textures and styles. These tiles give the bathroom and cool and natural look. Combine them with chrome fixtures, potted plants and mirrors to give your bathroom an elegant look.

Metal tiles are one of the more innovative bathroom floor tiles ideas. These tiles are made using bronze, copper, brass etc and come in different kinds of finishes like smooth, silky or brushed finish. These styles suit modern and contemporary bathrooms.

You can also use bathroom tiles made of stone or mosaic. Stone flooring may be more expensive but they last long. Mosaic tiles are made using glass, old tiles, pebbles etc and add texture and color to the bathroom.

One of the more practical bathroom floor tiles ideas involves using concrete tiles. They are durable, low maintenance and come in different colors and textures. They also give good grip and prevent one from slipping.

It is up to you to let your imagination flow and choose flooring that best suits your bathroom.

35 Most Popular Bathroom Color Design Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms at home and many people don’t give it a second thought. After all it is not a room that people enjoy spending their time in. Or do they? The fact is that many people find their bathroom their sanctuary of relaxation in times of stress. Not only that but enjoying a hot bath while reading a good book is one of the secret pleasures of many women today.

So neglecting the decor aspect of the bathroom is a big mistake. There are so many bathroom color tips and ideas for your bath and shower that you can use to make this sanctuary a space that is truly pleasing to the eye. Everyone has a different idea of what the best colors for this room are, and this is a good thing since it creates a nice and welcome diversity from home to home. So here are some bathroom color tips that you can use in your own sacred space.

Blues and greens are very popular today with many homeowners. Blue gives an aura of openness to the room, while green is perfect for the eco-friendly individuals among us. Green is a very soothing and relaxing color that helps one get close to the nature.

Light tones are classic and they are always popular, no matter the latest trends. One way to make your bathroom look larger than it really is can be achieved by using various lighter color tones such as cream, light pink, light blue, golden and even pure white. White is a color that symbolizes peace and purity. Also it is a color that is favored by people who love classic styles and designs, who are not keen on experimenting with other colors.

There are also some people who are very fond of darker, deeper colors such as maroon, dark red and dark blue. These colors are perfect for big bathrooms. With these colors you can easily give the room a cozier and more occupied feel. Red in particular is a color that asks for undivided attention. The color is very attention grabbing and you can use this feature to your advantage. Avoid making the entire bathroom in red, however, as this will be very distracting for the eyes.

35+ Bathroom Concept With Stunning Tiles

History has seen many styles and designs indicative of the time in which a house has been built. Take the Victorian era for example with the elegant and intricate features and polished floorboards. Nowadays it would appear that the modern houses incorporate the polished porcelain tiles flooring concept. The question is why are they so popular in recent times?

Porcelain tiles are wall and floor coverings that are made from delicate sand particles fired under extremely high temperatures and pressure. This causes the particles to become extremely packed together enabling the tile to have a low water absorption rate. A polished porcelain tile is made through much the same process as non-polished ones, batching, mixing and grinding, drying, forming and firing, but they undergo a grinding and polishing final stage, which shines the tile in much the same way as polishing stones does.

Consequently the property that a polished porcelain tile gains through this process makes them ideal to use anywhere in your home. Polished porcelain tiles can create an impression of openness as one walks into the room due to a combination of the shiny finish and the fact that they are available in a larger size. Similarly, the reduction of grouting in between each tile can also add to this effect. This is a great way to make smaller rooms appear larger or give bigger rooms added depth.

Strategically placing them on the wall along corridors can also increase the length of its appearance. They can be used as a feature wall in any room of the house by contrasting the tiles to those on the floor or the wall paint, tiles or wallpaper. Both can have stunning visual effects.

The compaction of particles within the tiles enables them to be more hardwearing. Hence they can be used in areas of the home that is frequently walked over. It is also for this fact that they can be used as wall tiles and splashbacks. They must be sealed when used in these instances in order reduce the loss of their appearance through staining. Hence they can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, corridors and bedrooms.

The colouring of polished porcelain tiles are reflective of some may say earthy tones. They come in cream, beige, bone, white and ivory in a non-textured finish. They also come in granite or marble like effect in similar shades. As they are neutral, they do not take over and diminish the overall look of a room. Interior design features such as appropriate furniture, mats and rugs, wall hangings and personal items, can complement their subtlety. Hence one will notice these striking features first.

When one mentions the words modern and contemporary they are really referring to a style that incorporates sleek lines incorporating the latest concepts. Polished porcelain tiles enable a room to obtain this look by the simplistic and non-dominating style they have, the long lines they produce when laid side by side and the fact mentioned above with respect to the added extras one places in the room. They can be used anywhere in your home to create this look.

40 Fabulous Architecture Bathroom Home Decor Ideas

The bathroom is often one of the smallest room in the house, but it ranks second behind kitchen for the number of design and architectural decisions that must be made.

From a design standpoint, the bathroom has some of the greatest challenges. Take the case of the humble bathroom faucet. Today you can make a unique style statement in your bathroom by complimenting the bathroom with stylish bathroom fittings and embellishments.

The bathroom faucets display an almost infinite variety of styles and finishes. The faucets can be purchased in a fabricated finish such as polished chrome, brass, nickel, gold, acrylic enamels of colors, stainless steel, copper and mix and match combinations. Your imagination is the limit.

There are a few things you should be considered when selecting the perfect bathroom faucet. First, consider the type of handle you prefer, the style you prefer, the finish you want, the requirement of the lavatory it will be installed in, and at last, consider how much you want to spend.

The most incisive consideration in choosing a bathroom faucet is the requirements of not only the sink but the countertop on which it will be mounted as well. Not only is the number of holes critical, but also some sinks such as vessels cannot be drilled at all. It has to be mounted on a deck or through a wall.

It is also important to remember that desired accessories such as hot water spout, sprayer, a soap dispenser or the like need additional holes. Of course, many popular pedestal sinks are an all in one sink and faucet.

The bathroom faucet can come in an abundance of varieties and the only limit to the design of the bathroom faucet is the manufacturer’s imagination. The bathroom faucets are manufactured in basic three styles called centerset, widespread and mini-widespread with a number of variations within those styles.

Thus, the decorative and functional faucets are often chosen to complement the architectural style of the bathroom. Bathroom faucets are available in literally thousands of various designs, patterns, and colors to please even the pickiest of potential faucet owners.

Each of the manufacturers offer designs and models in several different styles. The only choice you need to make is which one fits your needs and which one would look best in your bathroom

40+ Enchanting Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Perhaps, one of the places in the house that people want to be most comfortable with, is the kitchen. It is certainly not surprising because the kitchen basically binds the whole family together. After all, it is where sumptuous meals are cooked and prepared. Moreover, the kitchen also serves as a classroom for most housewives, with which they practically learn cooking from. On the other hand, it can also be a place for expressing one’s self. This is indeed true since many mouthwatering recipes have been created in someone’s personal kitchen. Thus, it is very important for kitchens to be cozy, comfortable, and functional at the same time.

Today, there are many kitchen designs to choose from. Kitchens can be classic, gothic, and contemporary. Although kitchens are traditionally large spaces, modern kitchen designs offer great ideas for small kitchens. These kitchen designs for small kitchens are not only cost effective, but efficient as well. More than just space, the functionality of this room should be one of the utmost considerations in its design.

Although a lot of people think that small kitchen designs can be very challenging; it is not at all. With the proper planning, and the appropriate integration of design techniques, a small kitchen can be as beautiful and functional as bigger kitchens. A good layout for smaller kitchens needs a lot of creativity in order to create the desired storage space in a small space.

Perhaps one of the amazing things about today’s times is that appliances are now made smaller and compact. Thus, it would be easy to design small kitchens because there are a lot of appliances and furniture that are small and compact as well. Practically every type of appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, countertops, and even storage cabinets come in sizes that would perfectly fit into small spaces. However, in order to create a more spacious look for small kitchens, here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

Use a drop table or a small round table in the kitchen. In order to save space, it is convenient to create an eating area in the kitchen with small sized table and chairs that can be tucked into a corner anytime.

Create an illusion of space. Illusions of space can be created by placing under cabinet lighting and under the counter lighting. Proper lighting can indeed make kitchens appear bigger and more beautiful.

Create an island in the center of the kitchen. This can also serve as storage spaces and is convenient from any spot in the kitchen.

Plan the location of storage cabinets and appliances. In small kitchens, it is advisable to line up storage cabinets and appliances on one side to free the other sides of the kitchen for other activities and fixtures.

50 Best Monochrome Kitchen Theme Ideas For Decoration

When we’re decorating a lot of ideas and questions are flooding our mind. How should it look? How should it make you feel? Did you ever had a great idea, but was unable to express it? Yes sometimes it is difficult, especially when it comes to colors. So let’s see how we choose a painting color for a particular room: the kitchen.

First of all it must be chromatically compatible with the colors of the nearby rooms. You don’t want to step inside the kitchen and feel like you’re in a different house, do you?

Secondly take in consideration the other colors that will make the kitchen color scheme. Cabinets, counter tops, floor and appliances colors should also be compatible with the paint color.

Cabinets are extremely important at because of their large scale and predominance in the room. You can choose from many available shades of wood or simply have them painted with a custom color.

Another important element is the counter top. There are many different colors and types of materials available for counter tops. Granite, quartz, ceramic-tile, marble and butcher-block-style wood are very good choices because of their natural provenience having colors, textures and patterns that our eyes are used to see. Other options are laminates or solid surface counter tops to which you can apply a color of your own choice.

Flooring is also a major factor. For kitchen floors the mostly used materials are wood and ceramic tiles. Preferred floor colors are warm tones when using wood and natural stone shades if ceramic tiles are used. Natural colors and all-over patterns for the floor can be highly compatible with any paint color.

Without appliances our kitchens would definitely look incomplete. This aspect must also be taken care of. Fortunately that’s an easier task because we can use monochrome colored appliances (for example black can go well with wood tones) or even better the appliances can be integrated in the cabinetry.

Now that we know the different kitchen elements and their colors let’s see how to choose the paint color. Try any method you can think of for visualizing the kitchen with each of your choice colors. A good practice is to buy several canvases, paint them with your chosen colors and hang them on the walls. Place each canvas on different spots of the kitchen and analyze it at different moments of the day to acknowledge the effects created by changes in the lighting conditions.

Don’t stop when you are left with only one or two colors. Remember that any color can have different shades. Try them out and see which one is better.

If you are in lack of color ideas, look for examples on the internet or from any other design industry source. Also try to find out more about the basic colors concepts. The best option in such situations is to ask an industry professional.

Just as any other room’s design, the kitchen color scheme design should follow one main rule: providing the atmosphere which best sustains the performed activity.

45+ Best Double Kitchen Design Ideas For Cooking Easier

Double kitchen sinks can provide many advantages to homeowners as they offer great versatility because they are made of various materials and come in many shapes and sizes. Double kitchen sinks can be either undermounted or overmounted (dropped-in), and the mounting is based on customer preference.

With countertops such as granite, soapstone, or other high-end materials, undermounting the sink is typically preferable as this allows more of the countertop to be seen and does not break the visual continuity of the countertop. The type of double bowl used should be based on the planned use as well as the colors and styles used in the overall design of the kitchen. It should enhance the look of the kitchen but not be the focal point or distract from the overall appearance of the room.

Double sinks have two bowls separated by a divider. There are several styles of double sinks. Homeowners can choose from equal bowl, 60/40, and 70/30 sinks. With an equal bowl type, both sides of the sink are of equal size and depth or 50/50. With the 60/40 type, the left bowl is generally slightly larger and deeper than the right side. With the 70/30 type, the left bowl is significantly larger and deeper than the right one. Of the three different types, the 60/40 model is definitely the most popular sink among homeowners as it adds a more distinctive look to the kitchen while still maintaining its functionality.

Double sinks come in a variety of materials, and each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel is a very popular and widely used material for kitchen bowls. This material is complimentary to most kinds of countertops and colors. Stainless steel can be scratched, but many manufacturers sell sink grids to fit the different sink models. These grids are placed in the bottom of the sink to protect the sink from surface to surface contact with dishes, silverware, and pots and pans; which helps to dramatically increase the lifespan of your new bowl and protects it for a much longer time.

Cast iron is another material that is often used to make double kitchen sinks. Cast iron is very durable but very heavy. These sinks often require extra bracing to ensure that the sink and countertops are not compromised. Other types of material that sinks are made of include: copper, acrylic, granite, and porcelain among others.

Whether you are remodelling of making a new kitchen, whatever style or design you are searching for, you will surely find a double kitchen sink to suit your tastes and to match with the look and feel of your home. So good luck with your project and most importantly, be sure to have fun with it!

40+ Smart Kitchen Open Shelves Ideas

Usually reserved for commercial kitchens, open shelving has been popular in residential homes for some time now. This makes sense for a kitchen that gets a lot of use. Why fish through closed cabinets when everyday items can be close at hand? At the same time, we spend a lot of time selecting our dishes, glasses and serveware, what’s the point in shielding them from view when they can add to the decor of the room that’s filled with hard lines and boring appliances. These are both valid arguments for open shelving, but there are plenty of cons as well. Let the debate begin!

I’ll start with the pros, because starting on a brighter note is always better! If you’ve ever been in a kitchen with walls of shelves rather than cabinets, you understand the sense of openness and the inviting feeling it gives off. It’s a kitchen that says “come on in, pull up a seat and grab a fork!” In other words, “Help yourself.” The room itself feels larger and the casual vibe runs throughout. At a dinner party or holiday gathering, friends and family won’t have to ask you where to find things or rummage through cabinets.

A big plus can come from the fact that guests eyes will be gazing at your pretty collection of bowls and such, rather than the outdated flooring or appliances. Don’t worry about not having a cohesive set of dishes and glassware, if you can’t tell from my previous articles, I tend to think uniformity is overrated! Save the matchy-matchy for folks who do one-stop shopping at large chain stores. Varied pieces that share a common theme, color or style are far more pleasing to the eye. Plus, it makes that platter handed down from Grandma and chaffing dish “borrowed” from Mom that much more special.

While staying tidy enough to put it all out there may seem daunting, if you tend to be messy, open shelving will force you to keep it together! Many times the best decorators and artists have trouble staying organized. If you think of your kitchen goods as works of art, it’ll remain a constant work in progress!

Just like the pros rely heavily on style and personality, so do the cons. If your style is sleek and modern, traditional or what I like to call “upscale” (includes big bucks appliances and “only the best” granite counter tops) an open shelving plan won’t work for your kitchen. If you like to be the only cook in the kitchen, you probably don’t want the space to be inviting. Guests can mingle (and keep their culinary advice to themselves) as you do your thing – the kitchen can remain strictly business when all is behind closed doors. For those who aren’t super organized, cabinets work. Nobody needs to know that your Tupperware collection is a jumbled mess of odds with no matching ends.

On that note, if mix and match isn’t a style you love or if you are less than proud of your collections, you may not be ready for open shelving. Buying a new assortment of tableware can get expensive, and chances are you’ll still be left with several things that don’t quite belong together.

Another drawback to open shelving isn’t immediately obvious to those focused on function and style…but any clean freak readers have been shouting since they read the title: “Dust, grease, stains, oh my!” Yes, leaving things out in the open makes them subject to dust. With all you have to worry about in your home, ferociously wiping down dishes and plates like you do you vases and shelving does not seem like any fun. Naturally, during cooking there are splatters and if your shelves are close by, they’re bound to get hit.

Whether you’re an ‘open’ or a ‘closed’ the important thing is, if you love being in the kitchen – you should absolutely love your kitchen. Arguably the most expensive room to renovate, there are lots of small ways to make changes. Oh and if you can’t tell, I’m on Team Open.